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Chili con Carne

The colder it gets, the more you need a warming meal – in the best case one, that gets in you in Christmas-mood. What would in this case be better, than a delicious chili con carne? Yes, you got me right – and of course you question yourself: “What has chili con carne in common […]


Onion-Corn chicken chests with rosemary-potatoes at mixed vegetables

Onion-Corn chicken chest – Ingredients Big onions Corn chicken chests Potatoes Mixed vegetables of your choice Dried rosemary leaves Sea salt from the mill Black pepper from the mill Cayenne pepper Olive oil Raps oil Vegetable broth Onion-Corn chicken chest – Cooking The rosemary-potatoes: For the rosemary-potatoes, I washed the potatoes and cut them in […]