About me

Hi, I am Christian from christiancooks.com. I am from Tyrol/Austria and on the one hand I cook because I have to (like most of us) but on the major part, I cook with passion. After a few meals I cooked with a recipe, I started to cook by feeling and just seldomly use cookbooks by now. This way, I discovered some interesting recipes, which I like to save on this site and share them with you

My hobbies

My biggest preference in my hobbies belongs to the water. Here, I especially like fishing. Because of this reason, I am going to post some fish recipes, of course just with self-caught fishes (mainly trouts) from the wild Tyrolean mountain streams.

Me with a beautiful brook trout

My ingredients

I really stand on regionality and seasonality as well as happy animals and biologically grown ingredients. For that reason, I usually prepare just self-caught fish and meat, where I know where it’s from – if this is not possible, I buy my ingredients at the supermarket of my trust.

I have cooking advices

Just have a look at my site and maybe you find a recipe, you like to try out by yourself. If you have cooking advices for me, I’m open for them every time, especially, because I am no learned cook myself and really like to improve myself. I would be really happy, if you could leave your advices in the commentaries or in my contact form 🙂

I have an idea

You have an idea or a wish for a meal, I could or should cook? Then write it to me in my contact formula and I will try to cook your meal my special way – of course it can happen, that I need a cookbook for orientation in this case – or giv me your recipe and let all know your discovery! So, all of us benefit of it and can rely on the experiences of all readers 🙂